"Cooperation for social and civic competences’ innovative education" (2015-2017)

The project idea was born out of a need to improve the methods of educational youth work in order to engage young people in  local community activities, active civic and democratic participation such as volunteering, membership in NGO’s, youth councils as well as using Internet as a way to civic involvement. To achieve that partnership seek to provide youth educators with knowledge, methodology and attitudes to make their work in described area more efficient. Precisely due to the efficiency of the project, we plan to involve young people as experts in solving problems that affect them and their peers.

Partnership aim to:  
-promote empowerment, participation and the active citizenship of young people
-support young people to  put their ideas into practice with a view to tackling challenges and problems identified within their communities
-internationalise youth work, professionalise those who work with youth and to develop their competences
-promote stronger coherence between different EU and national transparency and recognition tools, so as to ensure that skills and qualifications can be recognised across borders.

The international partnership composed of non-profit organizations, umbrella organizations and public institution, with the participation youth as experts, will develop together new, high-quality intellectual output - Social and civic competences’ innovative educational pathway.

Social and civic competences’ innovative educational pathway will be able to reply to the real need of institutions forming the partnership. Still there is a gap between level of involvement of youth in different EU countries, although the level is unsatisfactorily low everywhere. Moreover there is a need to raise the ability of those who work with youth to use of experiences, methodology of other European counties (European Added Value). Output will be created by experts from various countries, with participation of youth educators, youth NGO’s, youth councils and young people themselves considering the specificity of each of them and taking in account the European dimension. Thanks to that contents and tools in it will be available for all interested institution/organization and could be applied also in other countries (not belonging to the partnership), as well as professionals unrelated to the project, but dealing with the matter of key competences of youth.


The project is financed by Erasmus+ programme. The partner of the project: Foundation for Support of Non-Governmental Organizations "Umbrella" (project coordinator) and Czech Council of Children and Youth.



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