About us

The Lithuanian Youth Center was founded in 2010. Its main goal is to promote positive youth initiatives as well as interaction and understanding between youths with different cultural or social backgrounds. Our organization seeks to shift the youth’s energy towards activities that bring benefit to the society and the country.

The Center promotes and popularizes the ideas and values of young people. Progressive youths who are under umbrella of the centre encourage non-formal education, democratic reforms, social justice, the emergence of sociability, public spirit and equal opportunities for everyone. We believe that every person should be treated independently from his/her ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and religious belief.

Members of organization are involved in various projects, which are mainly related to the dissemination of non-formal education in Lithuanian regions, social advertising and implementation of the projects that improve the levels of competence of young people.



      Lietuvos jaunimo centras, Blindžių g. 17, LT-08111, Vilnius, Tel.: +37065911080,, kodas 302494682