"Green Screens" (2013)

Much has been achieved when speaking about environmental awareness: issues, such as climate change, reliance on fossil fuels, sustainable development and natural foodstuffs have become one of the most debated topics in the public arena. However, it is still too early to speak of widespread understanding of the issues we must tackle in order to truly call ourselves "environmentally-friendly", when many of the problems are so hard to notice in our daily lives. This is especially true when we speak about rural areas, rarely connected with the raging public debates on GMO's, renewable energy sources, industrial farming and etc.

Thus, the main focus of the youth initiative "Green Screens" is to allow the newest information on the natural environment, their problems and solutions to them to reach audiences of all ages, not only in the city, but also in the countryside. The participants and initiators of this project are young people, who understand, that only when everyone agrees that these problems exist and must be addressed with seriousness - only then will we achieve harmony with the environment. For this reason, the youngsters have chosen several documentary films on the environment, for whom they will prepare subtitles and presentations and then show them at public venues in the rural countryside of Lithuania (schools, municipalities, libraries) and followed by discussions and debates on the issues both global and local. This, will not only allow people from rural areas to attend screenings of previously unseen documentary films, it will also allow them to express their opinions and address topics of local importance. There will be 6 different screenings of 2 different films organized during the project.

Initiators of the project:

Valerij Olechnovič

Modesta Kreivėnaitė

Sonata Juciūtė

Paulius Ilekys



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